The murky world of casinos, and the even murkier world of the staff and punters who work and play in them, have always been a tight-lipped secret securely protected behind closed doors and covert threats. Real life in a UK casino is nothing, absolutely nothing, like the movies or anything you have ever seen, read or heard about. Until now! SLUGS, SNAILS AND CASINO TALES is a merry-go-round of tall tales based on actual events that will shock and entertain you.

living IN A DREAM


The last thing he wrote, it said: ‘…it’s been an odd sort of month, just like living in a dream. Isn’t it funny how a few seconds can change your life…’ Then he was gone.

Do those big questions in life really matter?  Or will we find the answers in the mundane meanderings of a dying mind?

What will you think about as you prepare to die? Try to reason with your unreasonable destiny? Be absorbed by the inevitable process while off your head on a cocktail of pain relieving drugs?

This book, and play, delves into the innermost thoughts of an everyday existence whilst waiting to expire. A practically true story based on actual events.


When love takes the lead, an unexpected tale follows...

Boy meets girl? A classic love story?

Good things are always just around the corner where love is concerned, but so too are all the disappointments. We all love to love and be loved but what about all those extraordinary moments that can so easily destroy a relationship before it even gets going?

This story, of love and devotion, will be easily recogniseable by all those who have love in their hearts.

There is pain because life can be painful but there is always hope, because we dare to dream.

Is it really too much to ask banksy for an original piece of satirical street art, so I can buy a house?

Let’s face it, if I was a celebrity artist and in need of some money, I’d simply bang out another ‘masterpiece’ and never be hard up again.

Someone once said I was an artist;

so here is my ‘masterpiece.’

Front Cover_page-0001.jpg

Have You Ever Thought?

A deliciously amusing and thought

provoking poem of complete nonsense.

Beautifully illustrated



“A witty and entertaining style...

favourably reminded us of

Edward Lear and his

nonsense poems...”

The Commissioning Editor,

Mantra Publishing Ltd.,


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An Afternoon Adventure

A mellow blend of verse and poetry appealing to both children and adults alike.


Stories tinged with sadness as well as the brightness and imagination of youth.


Illustrated throughout, every verse is for those who remember and for those who have yet to learn.


First penned in 1995, the memories contained herein relate to the 1960s and 1970s.

ebook front cover_page-0001.jpg

On Holiday, Forever!

I can safely say this was, and still is, one of the best decisions ever made.

We decided, as a family, enough was enough and it was time to get out... too many times we caught ourselves robbing Peter to pay Paul for bills, debts or  food. Some days we did not have enough money to eat!

So it was, we decided to depart from our lot; favouring the atlas and pin method for a destination, we headed for The Middle East.

What could possibly go wrong?       

This is the travel log.

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